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We build new products and create custom software solutions with enthusiasm. Quality product is our #1 value. Every new project helps us to grow.


We use the latest technologies, accept challenges and welcome innovation with an excellent product always being the end result.

Team and collaboration

We are an experienced and well-coordinated team. We care about our business partners and build long-term relationships based on trust and professionalism.


Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions From Rascasone

In Rascasone we like to simplify our work to be more efficient. Browser extensions are a great tool to help us achieve this goal. We have decided to share a list of our favorite ones with you.


Our Story From 1.0. To 2.0.

It is hard to be a new kid on the block, right? Luckily we aren’t. We have been hanging around IT for the past 15 years. And we are still passionately in love with it.


Caring About Innovation At Future Port Prague

We believe that ideas come from curiosity. And that is why we keep on exploring the newest technologies and follow innovations in our field. We simply love to broaden our own horizons.


Ready for some software magic?

We will help you to develop custom software solution, to kick-start your idea or to enhance your current solution.