Our goal? A meaningful product and a satisfied customer.

We aim to share experience and information, to nurture long-term business relationships and to embrace new technologies, innovations and challenges. We strive for quality and constant improvement.

Vít Uličný

Founder, visionary

Apart from a master´s degree from CTU in Prague, Vit has gained extensive expertise abroad, in Canada and Austria. He has a great passion for innovation, and when he is not writing code, he is drifting on the circuit.

Marek Uličný

Founder, Striver

With 15+ years programming history, Marek capitalizes on his experience with software development and product management. He likes to conquer technologies and mountains, and when he is not writing code, he spends his time growing chilli peppers.

We are enthusiasts, developers, engineers, targeting interesting projects.

Two of us began the adventure, now we are a team of ten and we continue to grow. We specialize in web and mobile application development, using new technologies to ensure the best possible software solution for our clients.

We are hiring for following positions:

React.js Developer
Node.js Developer
Ruby on Rails Full Stack Web Developer
Xamarin Mobile App Developer

Ready for some software magic?

We will help you to develop custom software solution, to kick-start your idea or to enhance your current solution.