React Single-Page Web Application for Meetings Management

Šimon Smejkal, 28.06.2019

Our goal was to develop a React front-end part of web application focused on meetings management.

Car Dealer Website with CMS in Nuxt.js and Strapi

Vít Uličný, 19.06.2019

Our goal was to implement the website for the luxury and sports cars dealer with CMS.

Custom IoT Devices Management Platform in React

Vít Uličný, 16.06.2019

The custom IoT management online platform offers customers a way to manage their sensors and display sensor measurements in charts

Why You Should Love React Web Development

Vít Uličný, 15.06.2019

React has only been around for five years but it has become one of the most favorite JavaScript libraries for web development.

Develop Flutter Mobile App from Scratch in 5 hours

Pavel Samchuk, 12.06.2019

Working with Flutter from the Full-stack developer perspective. Building a GameScore app for Football, hockey etc.

Custom HRMS with Visa Processing

Vít Uličný, 31.03.2019

Hiring new people is not easy in any company. Hiring new people from abroad could be a nightmare.

Recap of 2018 in Rascasone

Vít Uličný, 03.01.2019

Recapitulation of Rascasone's projects in the year 2018 regarding technology, workload and projects sectors.

Rascasone Christmas Hackathon 2018

Veronika Schiebertová , 12.12.2018

“I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent."

How to Rock’n Roll with Ruby on Rails

Veronika, 20.11.2017

Hi there! It’s Veronika from Prague, bringing you news from Rascasone. Following up on our last week’s topic of React, I decided to write a post about our second most favorite website application framework. So, let’s get started!

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions From Rascasone

Vit Uličný, 24.10.2017

In Rascasone we like to simplify our work to be more efficient. Browser extensions are a great tool to help us achieve this goal. We have decided to share a list of our favorite ones with you. Enjoy the beauty of extensions!

Our Story from 1.0. to 2.0.

Vit Uličný, 13.10.2017

It is hard to be a new kid on the block, right? Luckily we aren’t. We have been hanging around IT for the past 15 years. And we are still passionately in love with it. We have our dreams and aspirations where we want to go but let’s start from the beginning.

What We Learned at WebExpo 2017

Vit Uličný, 08.10.2017

Some people think that graduation is the end of your education. And then you work for the rest of your life. But we don’t believe in this.

Gem development  - troubles and solutions

Marek Uličný, 24.06.2016

I would like to take a look at some of problems that I got stuck on during development of Active Explorer gem. I described the gem creation in the last blog post and this blogpost will be more about traps that you might encounter and tips that should help you.

Active Explorer gem - easier Ruby on Rails debugging

Marek Uličný, 22.06.2016

Let me introduce to you our new Ruby gem that I have been working on recently. It is called Active Explorer (