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Rascasone is a Top-Rated Development Agency!


Here at Rascasone, we offer comprehensive design and development services. All our clients need to do is present their requirements, and we’ll handle everything else, from entry analysis through final testing.

Rascasone Clutch Review
Rascasone Clutch Review

We strive to develop meaningful digital products that satisfy our customers. Our team is constantly embracing new technologies so that we can deliver the best possible software solutions. JavaScript and Ruby on Rails are 2 of our favorite technologies, but our expertise spans a vast array of other frameworks and libraries.

We’re confident that our cutting-edge development and responsive design capabilities will meet your needs, but you don’t need to take our word for it — you can check our Clutch profile. Clutch is a premier B2B platform that curates client reviews and market research, connecting global service providers and buyers in the most transparent way possible. 

Company recognition on Clutch is a true honor, as they rank service providers based on client feedback — so we’re extremely grateful to our clients for us making Clutch’s list of top web developers in the Czech Republic! We have a perfect 5-star rating on Clutch. One of our most recent reviews came from Viewlay, an entertainment company that helps people discover what’s going on near them. They’d mocked up a high-fidelity prototype, but they needed help building out the first version of the app — and we fit the bill as a cost-effective, trustworthy partner with Ionic experience. 

Once we got the client’s prototype and requirements, we provided a detailed estimate of the architectural implementation. We followed an agile methodology and got to work developing the app, breaking the project down into sprints. We made adjustments, clarified requirements, and did careful testing along the way. Our team used Node.JS and the Ionic framework.  

The final product was a cloud-based progressive web app hosted on AWS.  We also recommended, a content management system, which the client ended up using. 

“Rascasone’s core strength is its ability to work with early-stage projects. They’re happy to figure out the product with you by offering ideas and solutions during development. They understood what we were trying to do and made great suggestions.” — Founder & CEO, Viewlay

We exceeded client expectations by completing development early. The client commended our flexible process and ability to add resources as needed.

We appreciate the business value we receive from being deemed one of the best agencies around on Clutch as well as its partner site, The Manifest. We plan to uphold our prestigious ranking by continuing to provide innovative services and the absolute best customer support. Contact us today to learn more!


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