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Web Development

We create responsive and mobile web, secured and optimized for modern browsers and for demanding users. We help with the whole process of web development, up to the final maintenance.

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Mobile App Development

We will develop custom mobile application according to you requirements. We can implement native mobile apps in Swift for iOS, in Java for Android, or hybrid apps in React Native or Flutter.

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JavaScript, React & Ruby on Rails

To our favorite technologies belong JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. We focus on modern, fast and effective development. From Node.js, GraphQL, to React and Vue.js.

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UX/UI Design

The design process phase of the website or mobile application development is very important. We will guide you through it, so that your final web or app is functional and fulfilling your goals.


To build a wonderful web or app, you need to know the cutting edge technology.
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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a trully unique framework for writing fast, scalable and user-friendly web applications. We have completed several projects using Ruby on Rails and we love to use it further.

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React.js is a revolutionary Javascript library created by Facebook for building interactive UIs. React.js is used for a creation of standalone controls as well as the most demanding web applications.

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All services

After years of experience, the scope of our services increases.

5 steps to the final web or app

This is our tried and true process that ensures we’re in alignment with the goals of each project. We don’t just make things pretty, we make them work while remaining on target.


1. Analysis

We ask questions, analyze and discover. Thanks to that, we fully understand the needs and goals of the project. There is no good project without a good analysis.


3. Design

We create design, UX and UI. Design is everything. You cannot expect to receive a functional final website or app fulfilling your goals if you skip this phase.


4. Development

Development and testing is the longest and most expensive phase of the process. That is why all the previous steps should be done properly.


5. Going live

The final phase of the testing and going live. We tweak the last glitches and then the web or app is ready.