Creating a customized website

We create websites with an original design that will interest users and search engines. We optimize websites not only in terms of speed, but also usability on devices of different sizes.

tablet, mobile, desktop

Responsive Website

Responsiveness is the key to success today. We make sure your website is fully usable on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Responsive Website

UX/UI Design

We will design for you an original, user-friendly design that will make your website attractive and stand out from the competition. We will adjust the structure of the sales pages to fit your business and help you achieve better conversions.

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UX/UI Design

Web site optimization and management

Slow loading websites, outdated design or lack of features are bothering you? We can help with that too! We will combine your ideas with our experience and create a concept that will give your business a new wind in its sails.

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Responsive Website

How we proceed

Used Technologies


Ruby on Rails

A backend framework for developing fast, scalable and user-friendly web applications.



Frontend library for creating dynamic and interactive user interface of web applications.



A front-end framework emphasizing easy integration into existing projects.



Framework for SSR and SSG. Helps create fast and SEO-friendly websites or applications.



Open-source framework, intended for creating custom web administrations (CMS) and preparing own APIs.



A backend runtime for writing server-side web applications. It is known for its speed and efficiency.



An open-source content management framework (CMS). Allows you to create simple and robust customized web administrations.


What advantages does a customized website bring?


Instant solutions like WordPress bring benefits in the form of lower costs and faster creation. However, they are used by billions of people around the world, making them much more vulnerable to hacker attacks and more difficult to add more advanced features to. The same rule applies to design and loading speed, which tend to be critical to business success. A custom website eliminates all of these issues, saving a lot of time and money as a result.

What does responsive web / design mean?


Responsive web, or responsive design, allows for comfortable use of pages on screens of all sizes. Responsiveness will thus ensure a full-fledged mobile website and a chance for a better ranking by Google, which prefers this solution to a separate version for mobiles.

What services do you offer as part of web management?


After deploying the website to production, we provide a complete service from database backup and individual pages, through security to UX/UI design modifications and adding new functionality. For digital products that we did not create, we first conduct an audit and then propose improvements in follow-up to the client's needs.

Why do you want your own website?


Do you run a business and spend hours a week looking for orders? Your own website or Internet presentation can bring clients to you. Modern websites with an original design are a digital business card that will help you build a good name and facilitate administrative activities. We can include, for example, in the creation of the website free appointment management tools and a chatbot to help you build relationships with customers.

How long will it take to create a website and how much will it cost?


The creation of websites is always a very specific matter, and therefore it is really difficult to estimate the length or the total price for the development at the beginning. However, we will determine the key dates and a rough estimate as part of the initial consultation, where we will discuss your requirements together and choose the best possible course of action. We will have a more specific price estimate available after the prototype is created.


Do you want your own website?

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