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About the project

The website presents to visitors the software supplied by the company of the same name. In addition to the presentation part, the website also contains a user section and a section with tutorials and documentation that explains and facilitates the use of the program.

Application and System Features

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  • modern presentation website design

  • an effective animation following the design

  • user section with management of purchased licenses

  • responsiveness

  • search for PDF documents in the documentation

  • special section with documentation of the offered software

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The team approached us with a request for the design and implementation of a modern presentation website with a user section intended to manage user licenses.

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Part of the assignment was creation of the second part of the website, which provides users with documentation and tutorials for the software supplied by

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Technology and Services

Work on the project took us a quarter of a year and involved a backend and frontend developer, a designer, a project manager and a tester.

  • Website creation, Custom CMS development, UI/UX design

  • React, Next.js, Strapi, Docusaurus

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Website Creation

As part of the collaboration, we designed and subsequently implemented a presentation website designed to promote the software offered withby and related documentation section.

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  1. 1Introductory Consultation

    The first step of the cooperation was a series of consultations, during which we clarified all the requirements for the digital product with the client.

  2. 2Market and competition research

  3. 3Preparation of wireframe and prototype

  4. 4Technology selection

  5. 5Development plan and quotation

  6. 6UX/UI Design Proposal

  7. 7Custom CMS creation

  8. 8Website Creation

  9. 9Testing and Optimization

  10. 10Inter-User Deployment

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Solution Detail

The beginning of cooperation on any project is always marked by initial consultations, which are a great means for a proper understanding between the developer and the client.

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In addition, the client often clarifies his expectations and is able to better define the goals of the final digital product.

We supplemented the knowledge gained thanks to these consultations with outputs from market research and competitive solutions and subsequently put them to good use during the preparation wireframes and a prototype, which were the first material output of our efforts.

After preparing the prototype, it was time for the UX/UI design proposal. Based on the requirements from the consultations, we prepared a simple, modern design proposal for the client, which we supplemented decent, effective animations.

Of course, there is optimization of responsiveness, which ensures comfortable use and browsing of pages on devices of various sizes.

After the approval of the proposal came the more technical part, namely the creation of a custom CMS that would meet the client's requirements.For this purpose, we used the Strapi technology, which allows you to modify and further expand the basic, already created CMS. Thanks to this, we were able to create a website administration that meets all requirements, and at the same time we saved a significant part of the costs that would have cost the preparation of a CMS 'from scratch'. optimization for search engines (SEO) in order to ensure that the pages are well positioned in search engine results.

We subsequently added a user section to the presentation part of the site itself, through which clients can manage your purchased licenses.

The last piece of the puzzle was to create a subdomain with documentation for the software offered by For this purpose, we used the Docusaurus platform, which focuses on the management of more complex website content.

We have also added an advanced search here, which will ensure a clearer management of PDF documents.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team designed and programmed a responsive website with a members section and a subdomain with documentation and tutorials for the software offered.

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We like projects in which the client places maximum trust in us and entrusts us with the preparation of a digital product with all related services. This approach brings benefits to both parties - the client communicates with only one supplier and we we know that all tasks will be carried out carefully and on time.

We thank the client for the trust shown and wish him much success in the future!

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