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Multiplatform mobile app for Android and iOS designed to digitise cheques for the financial platform

A complementary mobile app to the Viably financial platform is designed to make it easier for users to conduct financial transactions via cheques. Its main task is to scan a physical cheque and convert it into a digital form for further processing.



Business area


Application and system functions

  • purple triangleaccess to the device's camera
  • purple trianglebanking overview
  • purple trianglepossibility of blocking the card
  • purple triangleuser section
  • purple triangleadvanced user identity verification
  • purple triangledata exchange between the new and existing system
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The Viably team approached us with the idea of developing a mobile app that would provide check digitization and banking insights to users of this financial platform.

The main goal of this startup collaboration was to create a mobile app for Android and iOS that will complement the existing web platform and extend Viably's original service offering. Our task was therefore to create an app that would fit into the company's existing portfolio and to come up with a technical solution that would allow communication between the different systems.

Technologies and services


React Native


Mobile app development for iOS
Android mobile app development
Consultation of technical solutions

Duration of the project

6 months


3 developers and project manager

Viably multiplatform mobile app development in 5 steps

As part of a startup collaboration, we created a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows users to digitise cheques and manipulate them further.

  1. We went through a series of consultations with the client and after several iterations delivered a development plan with all the important dates and associated costing.
  2. After the plan was approved, we assembled a development team to fine-tune the technical design of the application's backend.
  3. In the meantime, the second part of the development team worked on the implementation of the user interface of the Android app and the iOS user interface following the graphic design provided by the client.
  4. We have prepared the core of the whole application, namely a system that "scans" the physical cheque through the camera, saves it in the user section of the application and allows its further processing.
  5. Subsequently, we solved the connection of the application to the existing Viably project system, which is a web-based platform facilitating financial management.
Currently, the development and maintenance of the application are suspended. The client has decided to choose a different solution based on the level of usage of the cheque management application.
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Solution detail

The client approached us with the requirement to create an application that would expand his portfolio of services in the field of financial administration. As in other cases, we had several meetings with the client during this cooperation, during which we clearly clarified the objectives of the product and at the same time consulted the technical solution.
Based on the information we found, the client provided us with a UX/UI design proposal for a mobile application for both Android and iOS. We created a development team, in which one of the developers focused on preparing the UI of the Android app, another on preparing the UI for iOS and the third on solving the backend of the app.
We used React Native technology to create both applications, which enables cross-platform development of mobile applications. There are three reasons why multiplatform technologies won over native technologies:
  • purple triangle

    development costs,

  • purple triangle

    duration of development,

  • purple triangle

    the nature of the application.

The next important step was the implementation of the application logic, i.e. the creation of a user section of the mobile application with advanced user identity verification and a tool that saves the cheque "scanned" by the camera in this section.The whole system then had to be connected to the existing web application and linked to the services already offered by the Viably financial platform before the development of this mobile application.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team designed and implemented the technical solution for a multi-platform cheque digitisation application.

At Rascasone, we like to enter into startup collaborations, as we perceive that such projects often come up with novel thoughts and ideas that can more or less simplify our everyday lives.
One of such projects was to be this mobile application. We are sorry that the client did not use it enough and we wish him every success in his future business!
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