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A mobile (tablet) application for iPadOS that uses augmented reality to visualize data obtained from a Geographic Information System (GIS).

OpenDataScience AR is an application designed for Apple tablets - iPads with iPadOS. The main goal of this educational project was to show the possibilities of using freely available data and modern technologies (augmented reality) for practical purposes - in this case to visualize the transformation of the landscape over time.



Business area


Application and system functions

  • purple triangleinteractive map of the Czech Republic
  • purple triangle3D AR model of GIS data
  • purple trianglemerging of the 3D model in augmented reality with the real map of the Czech Republic
  • purple triangletracking the evolution of landscape change over time
  • purple triangleconnection of the app to Google Cloud Storage (downloading documents)
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ČVUT University approached us with the idea of creating a native AR application for iPadOS, showing the geographical development of the Czech Republic over the last few years.

We were excited about the concept of the project. At Rascasone, we like to come up with solutions that combine modern technology and practical applications. The AR application from ČVUT combines all these features and adds one small bonus - it is a demonstration that augmented reality can be used not only in games or social networks, but also in educational applications and as a marketing tool.

Technologies and services


AR kit


UI/UX design
Mobile app development
AR app development
Augmented reality consulting

Duration of the project

2 months


1 developer

AR application development for ČVUT in 10 steps

As part of our cooperation with ČVUT, we created an application for tablets with iPadOS operating system, working with augmented reality.

  1. The client approached us with a relatively clear idea of what the application should be able to do and contain. In the initial consultations, we capitalized on our experience with mobile application development and augmented reality work and supplemented his idea.
  2. Once we had a clear idea, we proceeded to prepare the wireframes and the user interface of the application.
  3. Then came the technical solution itself, connecting to Google Cloud Storage, working with AR Kit and programming the backend and frontend of the application in Swift.
  4. The next step was the final testing of the application by impartial users.
  5. After a series of optimizations, it was time to deploy the app to the App Store.
We are currently maintaining and further developing the application in response to client and user requests or comments.
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Solution detail

Work on any project begins with an initial consultation, where we and the client clarify what type of collaboration will be involved and what the main idea of the intended digital product is.
Through several meetings, we created an outline of the application concept and defined the level of use of augmented reality.
Then we prepared wireframes and UX/UI design of the application. However, much more work was waiting for us on the backend, where it was necessary to solve not only the functioning of the mobile application as such, but also the AR superstructure.
We designed the concept of data flow solution and connected the AR application to Google Cloud Storage, where the underlying data from which the map draws data is uploaded.
It was then necessary to process the open data from the GIS into an AR model, in this case a 3D map that uses animation to show the evolution of the landscape of the selected section of the map over time. Under the AR model we added a classic map of the Czech Republic, which can be merged with the model and track, for example, the development of forestation in a particular town or village.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team designed and implemented the technical and graphic design of an AR mobile application that processes freely available GIS data.

We managed to create a digital product that combines technological trends, open-source projects and modern marketing principles.
We are glad to have been able to participate in the creation of this digital product and we believe that this will not be the last project of this type.
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