A web application with a real estate offer, which processes information from various real estate servers in the form of a catalog and collects it in one place

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About the project

An aggregator of development projects that collects offers from various real estate servers. It transforms these offers into a clear real estate catalog using sophisticated filters, search and sophisticated user sections.

Application and System Features

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  • user section

  • watchdog (notification of new properties, according to specified parameters)

  • responsive design

  • search

  • advanced filters

  • map showing real estate according to parameters and location

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The Flatzone team approached us with a request to create a customized CMS (web administration) and redesign the original form of the web application.

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During its time, the project outgrew the solution from the original supplier, and it was up to us to prepare a digital product for the client that would enable the further growth of its business.

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Technology and Services

We worked on the project for 6 months. It involved 2 front-end developers, 1 back-end developer and a project manager.

  • Web application development, custom CMS development

  • Strapi, React, GraphQL

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Custom CMS development

As part of the cooperation, we created a new user interface for the catalog of development projects and programmed all the required functions of the website administration.

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  1. 1Project Consultation

    The first step was the so-called consultation phase. During it, we clarified with the client what he expected from our cooperation, thanks to which we were able to define the basic goals of the project.

  2. 2Project Analysis

  3. 3Development and costing plan

  4. 4Custom CMS creation

  5. 5Front-end preparation

  6. 6Web Application Development

  7. 7User Testing

  8. 8Web Application Deployment and Maintenance

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Solution Detail

The client approached us with a request to modernize a web application that no longer met his needs or the needs of the project.

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Despite the fact that the original project was built on a custom solution, the owner of the code was not the project sponsor, but the previous developer. So one of the main intentions was to create a system that the client would have full control over. The second intention was to improve the filtering, search and user section, which are among the most important parts of the web application.

After a series of consultations, we examined the original solution and brought other suggestions that led to product improvement.

Once agreed, we were able to get to work. We assembled two programming teams - the first was in charge of tailored CMS development and the second was coding the application's user interface.

To prepare the CMS we used the Strapi technology, which allows us to create a sophisticated web administration based on the individual needs of the project. To prepare the front-end, i.e. the user interface, we used the React javascript library.

We gradually added all the key functionality:
  • We have added advanced filters, which allow the offer to be sorted based on price, location or layout of houses and apartments.
  • We have created a user section with a watchdog function , which alerts the user to the latest offers according to the specified criteria.
  • We then supplemented the filters with a search by city and a map, which displays all the offers based on the specified criteria and location.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team created an environment for the further growth of the real estate catalog. It prepared a custom CMS and search filters that improve the user-friendliness of the application.

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We are happy that we can participate in projects that reap success and that we can help their further growth.

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