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Web application with real estate offer, which in the form of a catalogue processes information from various real estate servers and collects them in one place

Flatzone is an aggregator of Czech real estate development projects that gathers offers from various real estate servers in one place. Through sophisticated filters, searches and a sophisticated user section, it transforms these offers into a clear real estate catalogue.



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Application and system functions

  • purple triangleuser section
  • purple triangleWatchdog (notification of new properties, according to the parameters entered)
  • purple triangleresponsive design
  • purple triangleSearch
  • purple triangleadvanced filters
  • purple trianglemap showing properties by parameters and location
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The Flatzone team approached us with a request to create a bespoke CMS (web administration) and redesign the original web application.

The project had outgrown the solution from the original vendor over the course of its lifetime and it was up to us to prepare a digital product for the client that would enable further growth of their business.

Technologies and services




Web application development
Catalogue creation
Custom CMS

Duration of the project

6 months


2 frontend developers, backend developer, project manager

Flatzone web app development in 10 steps

As part of the cooperation, we created a new user interface for the catalogue of development projects and programmed all the required functions of the site administration.

  1. The first step was the so-called consultation phase. During this phase, we clarified with the client what he expected from our cooperation, which allowed us to define the basic objectives of the project.
  2. This was followed by an analytical phase where we examined the existing solution and identified areas that could be taken forward.
  3. The results of the analysis were then consulted with the client again.
  4. Then we prepared a development plan and a price calculation. Once they were agreed, we were ready to start work.
  5. We assembled a programming team, the first half of which started to prepare the back-end, or rather the creation of the CMS, through Strapi.
  6. The other half of the team then focused on front-end programming, based on the original website.
  7. We gradually deployed all the required features and consulted with the client continuously as part of the agile process.
  8. Before the deployment, we had only user testing to do, through which we fine-tuned the last shortcomings.
  9. We have deployed the web application among users.
We are currently maintaining and further developing the application in response to client and user requests or comments.
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Solution Detail

Thanks to the fact that the project was already underway at the beginning of our cooperation, the client had a relatively clear idea of what he wanted to achieve. The original solution did not meet his requirements and, more importantly, the needs of the project, so the entire system had to be upgraded, both in terms of design and functionality.
Despite the fact that the original project was built on a custom solution, the owner of the code was not the project sponsor, but the previous developer. Therefore, one of the main goals was to create a system that the client would have full control over. The second goal was to improve the filtering, search and user section, which are among the most important parts of the web application.
After a series of consultations, we examined the original solution and suggested further improvements that led to a better product.
After the approval, we could get down to work. We assembled two programming teams - the first was responsible for the development of the custom CMS and the second for the coding of the application's user interface.
To create the CMS, we used Strapi technology, which allows us to create a sophisticated web administration in relation to the individual needs of the project. To prepare the front-end, i.e. the user interface, we used the React javascript library.
Gradually we added all the key functionality:
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    We have added advanced filters that allow you to sort the offer by price, location or layout of houses and apartments.

  • purple triangle

    We have created a user section with a watchdog function that alerts users to the latest offers according to specified criteria.

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    The filters were then supplemented with a search by city and a map that shows all the offers in relation to the criteria and location.

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How we helped

The Rascasone team created a suitable environment for further growth of the catalogue (web application) with real estate offer, prepared a custom CMS with sophisticated filters and search, which improves the user experience of using the application.

We are happy to be involved in successful projects and to help them grow.
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