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Our Work

We create responsive websites and mobile apps, deliver full service from entry analysis to final testing, web deployment and maintenance of the web or app.

We developed projects for these companies
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SPA React web

For an American project we developed an advanced online platform offering electrical constructors a convenient interface to design their projects. Specifically, we delivered a front-end interface and UX design.

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Labormex - HR app and web with Vue.js

An HR web system with Android mobile application for Labormex.

Labormex manages a wide range of visa support services and logistics in Mexico

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DrMax - React checkout for eCommerce

We created the checkout part of the Czech e-commerce platform Dr.Max in React. 

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Pinstriped - Ruby on Rails and React web

Rascasone has participated in development of the Pinstriped web application´s back-end and front-end. Pinstriped increases meetings efficiency and productivity, enables to lead and cover the meeting from planning to the output processing and distribution of documents.