Mobile app with tips on interesting tourist destinations with a user section and a reward system

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About the project

Xplór is a tourist guide that will take you through all corners of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Detailed processing of individual destinations is complemented by a user section where you can add visited and planned places.

App and system features

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  • more than 700 detailed tourist destinations

  • sophisticated destination search, sorted into categories

  • the 'Where to go' function with tips for trips according to the user's existing priorities

  • user and community section for sharing trips and related experiences

  • clear map with destinations near the device

  • easy export to third-party navigation systems

I want a custom app
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The Xplór team approached us with a request to maintain the mobile application and add new features that will improve the user experience.

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Xplór is one of the projects we took over from another developer. Our task was to update the app and program new features that will take the app to the next level.

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Technology and Services

We have been working on the project for 8 months. 2 mobile app developers, a backend developer, a UI/UX designer and a project manager were involved in the completion.

  • React Native

  • Expo

  • Swift

  • Java

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Mobile app development

  • Backend Management

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Mobile App Redesign

When taking over a product from another supplier, you always run the risk of spending a lot of limited time on modifications to the existing code. Nevertheless, we accepted this challenge and managed to optimize and further expand the entire system in record time.

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  1. 1Existing Code Analysis

    Our software experts analyzed the existing project, familiarized themselves with the code and proposed the first necessary modifications.

  2. 2Target Group Analysis

  3. 3UX Design Proposal

  4. 4UI Design Proposal

  5. 5Mobile application development for Android and iOS

  6. 6Testing and Optimization

  7. 7Deploy application between users

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Solution Detail

Although we did not start from scratch with the development of the Xplór mobile application, we stuck to the standard that we established in Rascasone.

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The beginning of work on the construction of this digital product was marked by a series of consultations with the client, where he shared with us his vision, plan and strategy for the following months and years.

This was followed by an analysis of the current version of the application, which was undertaken by two of our software experts. They then wrote down the development requirements and the necessary fixes or improvements. The development plan has already begun to take shape in these requirements.

We prioritized the activities related to the individual elements of the mobile application and added estimates of the time and financial demands of the related actions. We then presented these documents to the client, who approved them and we could start preparing the design.

The application consists of two products - a mobile application and a web application, so we created two teams that cooperated with each other to keep the design and functionality of the application consistent across all platforms.

After the UX design and UI design of both types of applications came the most fundamental time of application development, namely programming.

The output is a web application whose backend is handled by the Ruby on Rails javascript framework and a mobile application written using the React Native library.

We have created a clearer and more detailed environment detailing individual tips for trips or tourist destinations. We have also improved the user section, which allows tourists and hikers to save and share visited or planned destinations. Based on the places visited, everyone receives tips on other interesting places that they should not miss.

The core of the application has also received a significant improvement - the map showing destinations, which is now not only clearer and more accurate, but also allows exporting data to other navigation applications.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team took over the development of the deployed mobile application, improved its user interface and added key features that strengthen its position in the market.

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We like to work in close cooperation with the client. This is the only way we can properly fulfill his expectations and bring to the world a digital product that will be successful.

In this case, the collaboration went very well and also thanks to we managed to redesign the project and present it to users in record time.

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