A mobile app providing an overview of results across the various Little League competitions and a mobile app to facilitate the organisation of football tournaments

The Association of Small Football of the Czech Republic has decided to create two mobile apps for Android and iOS. The aim of the first one is to provide a complete results service for all Little Football competitions and to inform users about related news or recruitment activities.
The second app targets the organisers instead of football fans. Its purpose is to facilitate the preparation of tournaments.


Asociace malého fotbalu ČR

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Application and system functions

  • purple triangleresults service
  • purple triangleonline match reports
  • purple trianglepresentation section with current news
  • purple triangleConnection to an app used to organize tournaments
  • purple trianglea user section providing quick access to the results of your favourite teams
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The AMF CR has announced a tender for the design of UX/UI design and development of two mobile applications for Android and iOS, whose task is to provide a comprehensive information service about individual competitions and facilitate the work of tournament organizers.

The tender appealed to us not only because of the idea behind the project, but also because of its robustness. We like to be involved in the implementation of digital products that make sense, and even more, we like to provide a comprehensive service, from the first design sketches to the deployment of the output to app stores.

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UI/UX design of mobile application

Duration of the project

1 month


Designer and project manager

Solution detail

We took part in a tender for the development of two mobile applications for Android and iOS, which aim to provide a comprehensive information service for fans of Little League Football and facilitate the work of the organizers of individual tournaments.
The output of each development team that participated in the tender was a graphic design of the user interface of the mobile applications and a budget quote for their creation.
In order to prepare the calculation, or even the development plan, it was first necessary to design the architecture of the application itself.
The first step was to research the market and analyze applications that deal with similar topics. Based on the findings of the analysis, we prepared a wireframe and a prototype of the application, on which we gradually tuned all the details of the user interface to make the application clear and comfortable to use. In short, to lead to a good user experience.
Based on the wireframe and prototype, we were able to move on to the actual design of the application. We prepared the basis for the design style guide and subsequently the design of several parts of the mobile application.
Thanks to the prototype, we have already gained a better idea of the actual form of the application and we could also prepare a proposal for a technical solution and a related quotation.
Our proposal was not selected, but we believe that we have done a great deal of good work on the project and we want to share our results at least in the form of examples of our work.
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