H2 Organizer

Cloud-based web application that automates the recruitment and management process

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About the project

H2 Organizer is an information system (HRM) distributed in the form of SaaS. Its goal is to automate the process of recruiting new employees and managing the related agenda, such as signing contracts, handling work permits, etc.

Application and system features

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  • Work permit and visa processing

  • Electronic contract signing

  • Employee Transport Management

  • Manage staff accommodation

  • Dashboard with statistics and reports

  • Document upload

  • Interactive forms

  • Export and import to CSV

  • User section for companies and job seekers

  • Responsive design

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The client approached us with a request to create an information system for human resources management (HRM), which will provide users with all the necessary tools to make recruitment and employee management more efficient and transparent.

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We have long-term cooperation with the client, which is why we gladly seized this opportunity to release a practical tool into the world that will facilitate the work not only of HR workers, but also of job seekers.
The goal was to transform

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Technology and Services

We have been working on the first release of the app for almost a year. It involved 8 developers and a project manager.

  • Web application development

  • Information system development

  • UI/UX design

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Development of information system

As part of the cooperation, we created a web application / information system for end customers that helps to automate the process of recruiting new employees and their subsequent management.

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  1. 1Consultation

    In the consultation part, we used our experience from the development of a similarly focused mobile application, which we prepared for the client in the past, and we mainly focused on the design of new functionality and the improvement of the existing architecture.

  2. 2UX Design Proposal

  3. 3UI Design Proposal

  4. 4Web Application Development

  5. 5Optimizing and adding functionality

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Solution Detail

As part of the cooperation, we created a web application for HR agencies and HR workers that streamlines the process of recruiting new employees.

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Thanks to the fact that we know the client from previous projects, we were able to skip the familiarization phase and focus directly on the added value of the web application or information system.

We used our experience from the previous project, which was an internal mobile application focused on the same issue, and we designed another functionality that automates processes related to the recruitment of employees and thus facilitates the routine activities of HR workers focused on the agility of the application. That's why we decided to build the backend and the database on serverless technologies. We started with the programming of the individual user interface components the application welcomes the user with a dashboard with an overview of signed contracts.The dashboard includes overall statistics and a more detailed overview, which for example points out the number of days remaining until the agenda needs to be completed.

However, the core is the company section. Here, the authorized employee edits company data, adds related documents, contacts selected employees and checks the processing of all related documents and forms (visas, contracts, ...). In the same way, he can see a list of all active employees here and provides them with accommodation or transport.

Uploaded documents are digitized through the H2 organizer application for editing. In this way, documents can be edited or added to them with a digital signature. Employee information can then be exported to CSV.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team designed and programmed a cloud-based information system (HRM) for end customers.

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We like to participate in the creation of digital products that make sense and help streamline company processes. The result of our cooperation is a nimble web application with comprehensive functionality that supports the entire process of recruiting new employees.

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