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Mobile application and modern reservation system for more efficient operation of the waiting room and patient management

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about the project

DigiČekárna is a fully automated reservation system linked to holidays or planned time off. The patient always knows when he can make an appointment with the doctor and adjust his daily schedule accordingly.

Application and System Features

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  • Easy management of doctor's orders

  • Administration of vaccination and prevention

  • Patient records

  • Notifications - SMS, e-mails, push notifications, in-app notifications

  • Rating doctors

  • Manage pets

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The DigiČekárny team came to us with a request to develop a user-friendly mobile application with a reservation system for doctors.

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This project excited us. We like meaningful projects and the design or development of a mobile application with an information system makes a lot of sense to us. It represents a way to improve and simplify the world around us.

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What we used

Technology and Services

The project took 12 months to complete. It involved 2 web developers, 2 mobile developers, a UI/UX designer, a quality assurance engineer and a project manager.

  • Information system development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Creating a website

  • UI/UX Design Proposal

  • Vue.js

  • Node.js

  • Quasar

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Mobile and web application development

As part of the startup cooperation, we created a reservation system and a mobile application for managing visits to the doctor.

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  1. 1Market research and persona design

    First of all, we carried out a survey of the market and competitive solutions. Based on the results of the survey and the client's ideas, we designed personas (model users who will use the application).

  2. 2UX Design Proposal

  3. 3Testing

  4. 4UI Design Proposal

  5. 5Mobile application development for Android and iOS

  6. 6Application Deployment

  7. 7Maintenance and Optimization

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Solution Detail

The client approached us with a request to create a reservation system and mobile application, digitizing healthcare services.

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At Rascason, the beginning of work on every digital product takes place under the sign of analysis. The gathering and subsequent understanding of the requirements from the client as well as any findings from the review of the market or competition can save a lot of time and money .

Before starting work on design and functionality, we focused on the segmentation of the target group, i.e. the likely users of the application. In cooperation with the client, we then created several personas for whom we later developed the application designed.

For each person, we designed a specific application transition and functionality that they will use while using the application. The result of this effort was a list of almost all the requirements that the Digičekárna digital product would have

Following the lessons learned, our software experts then proposed implementation through two solutions: a website for online beauty sellers and a mobile application for consumers.

Following the previous analysis, we created wireframes and prototypes which put the original theoretical knowledge into practice and then presented them to the client for approval.

After approval, we were able to start doing what we do best - developing websites and applications that make life easier for users. We put together two development teams - web developers and mobile application developers, divided the entire creation process into sprints.
and website following the analysis of the target group,
  • UI design and design style guide for both digital products,
  • website creation and mobile application development,
  • introductory , continuous and final user testing.
  • The output of our specialists' work is a mobile application and website that emphasize a good user experience across different devices and operating systems.
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    How we helped

    The Rascasone team designed and programmed the application with the reservation system and participated in the creation of marketing materials, including the website.

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    We are happy when the client has confidence in us and entrusts us with the implementation of all related services. Thanks to this, the client communicates with only one supplier and can concentrate on other aspects of his business. We, on the other hand, know that all sub-tasks will be performed reliably and on time. Thank you for your trust and we are glad that we could help launch a new startup.

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