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Designated Workspace

Designated Workspace is a web application that analyzes the work environment and provides tips for improving its ergonomics.

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About the project

A web application that helps users optimize their work environment while also serving as a means of collecting email addresses.

Application and system features

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  • Interactive questionnaire

  • Connecting to Customer.io and emailing

  • User section for registered users

  • Option to upload and manage photos

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The Designated Workspace team approached us with a request to develop a web application that would help them open the door to the world of email marketing.

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The goal of this collaboration was to create a simple web application that, based on a questionnaire and attached photos, will allow you to give personalized tips on how to improve the ergonomics of your work environment.

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Technology and Services

The project took three months to complete and involved a project manager, a developer and a UI/UX designer

  • Web application development

  • UX/UI design

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Web Application Development

We created a web application that provides users with tips on how to improve the ergonomics of their workplace and supports the client's marketing strategy.

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  1. 1Consultation

    We met with the client and discussed his intention in detail. Based on his idea, we then prepared a basic concept, which we supplemented with our own observations and ideas.

  2. 2Architecture Design

  3. 3UX/UI Design Proposal

  4. 4Web Application Development

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Solution Detail

The client approached us with a fairly clear idea of the functions and form of the application, thanks to which we were able to get down to work relatively quickly after a few consultations.

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As part of the consultations, we clarified the missing details of the assignment with the client. We supplemented the client's original idea with other suggestions resulting from our previous experience. With this, we created the basic framework of the web application.

Following this concept, we prepared the first wireframes, i.e. the design of the layout of individual pages, thanks to which we made sure that the application would contain all the required parts. This was followed by the proposal of UX/UI design and the selection of appropriate development technologies, which completed the preparatory phase.

One of our developers took charge of the actual creation of the web application, who first prepared the user interface of the application and then its backend. The most interesting part was the preparation of the user section with an interactive form, which forms the core of the application and serves to describe the user's working environment. We have added the option to upload photos to the form, so that it is possible to respond with relevant tips for improving the ergonomics of the given work environment.

The last step was to connect to e-mailing using Customer.io technology, which mediates the sending of newsletters and other forms of e-mail marketing to promote the services offered.
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How we helped

We created a web application with a user section and an interactive form that evaluates the described work environment and sends tips to improve its ergonomic side.

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The Rascasone team designed, designed and programmed a web application that expands the client's email marketing portfolio and reaches out to potential clients with a practical tool.

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