Where To Play

About the project

Web application to make it easier for marketers and executives to find market opportunities

Where To Play helps entrepreneurs and marketers to define project priorities and set long-term goals. This makes it easier to create a sales and marketing strategy and share it with other team members.


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Business Area

Marketing and business

Application and system functions

  • purple triangleLogin with email and Google account
  • purple triangleDashboard with a listing of all entered projects
  • purple triangleTools for segmenting the target group
  • purple triangleTools for finding opportunities in the market
  • purple triangleVisualization through tables and charts
  • purple triangleTools for sharing and exporting
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The Where To Play team approached us with a requirement to create a user-friendly web application for entrepreneurs.

The main objective of the project is to facilitate entrepreneurs and employees in marketing or management positions to set priorities and long-term goals.
The number one priority was ease of use and clear output to facilitate tactical planning and opportunity evaluation.

Technologies and services




Web application development
Backend management

Duration of the project

12 months


2 frontend developers, 2 backend developers, UI/UX designer, QA engineer, project manager, 2 mobile app developers.

Developing a Where to play weba pp in 8 steps

In this collaboration, we are on the threshold of a completely new digital product. A product that will have a simple user interface and responsiveness, so that the user can comfortably follow all projects from a mobile device.

  1. We went through several meetings with the client to clarify together the idea of the functionality and the target group of the product.
  2. We started working on the UX side of the web application. We designed wireframes and a prototype for the client to assess if our ideas for the output matched.
  3. We proceeded to design the user interface, i.e. the UI design of the web application.
  4. After the client approved the design, we assembled a programming team consisting of backend and frontend developers.
  5. The developers agreed on the development technologies and went to work.
  6. They added features in different phases of agile web application development and continuously had the product approved by the client.
  7. We moved on to testing the application.
  8. We deployed the web application to users.
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Solution Detail

The beginning of the work on the Where To Play project at Rascasone started with the traditional analysis. Together with the client, we analyzed in detail his idea not only about the appearance, but also about the functionality and target audience of this web application.
Based on these findings, we started working on the UX design. We created several wireframes and a prototype - the first physical form of the original idea.
Once the client approved the prototype, the UI design of the app came next. We put together a design system and simultaneously presented the client with a development plan and timeline.
Once all the documents were agreed upon, our favorite part of web application development came next, which was the implementation of the technical solution. In this case, this was handled by both frontend and backend developers who started their journey by selecting the appropriate technologies. Technologies that will enable the creation of a nimble, reliable and user-friendly web application.
We designed the login page quite simply. In addition to the traditional login and registration via email, we also added the option of using a Google account.
The main page of the application consists of an overview of all the projects entered and a dashboard listing all marketing opportunities and long-term goals.
The centerpiece of this web application is the creation of projects, which are then displayed on the aforementioned homepage. All projects are manually entered into the application through three steps:
  • purple triangle

    listing of market opportunities and segmentation of the target group

  • purple triangle

    evaluation of the opportunities in terms of potential and complexity

  • purple triangle

    evaluation of all data entered

For the sake of a clearer data representation, we then programmed a tool that visualizes the entered information into tables or graphs. We also added PDF export and tools to easily share the output with the rest of the team.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team designed, developed and programmed a web application that helps with prioritizing market opportunities, setting long-term goals and managing projects.

We like clients who come up with ideas for projects that benefit not only the client but also their customers. The Where To Play web app undoubtedly falls into this category, and we are grateful to have been able to turn the original idea into a real digital product.
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