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A social network with which you can keep track of what's going on around you

about the project

The ViewLay project is a social network (web application) that aims to gather all organized cultural or social events in one place and inform its users about them.

Application and System Features

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  • Login via email, Facebook, Twitter and Google

  • Google Map integration and quick orientation in current events

  • Simple and clear environment for inserting new posts

  • Evaluation mechanism and environment for mutual communication

  • User section with quick overview and profile management tools

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The client approached us with the idea of a social network that quickly and clearly informs users about cultural and social events in their surroundings.

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Each registered user can add tips on events, hotels or interesting places in the given city to the application and share them with other users. The goal was to create a handy helper that can be used not only for planning the evening program in the place of residence, but also as a source of information about current events from local residents, for example on vacation abroad.

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What we used

Technology and Services

The project took 8 months to complete. It involved 2 backend developers, 2 frontend developers, a QA engineer and a project manager.

  • Angular

  • Heroku

  • Node.js

  • Strapi

  • Progressive Web Application Development

creation process in 4 steps

Web Application Development

As part of the collaboration, we have created a simple user interface that provides a clear listing of all current events across the world.

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  1. 1Consultation

    We wrote down the required functionality with the client.

  2. 2Concept Analysis

  3. 3Creating a PWA

  4. 4Testing and Optimization

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Solution Detail

The client adopted us with a clear idea of a social network focused on cultural and social life.

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We received an already created design of the web application and we could immediately start implementing the technical part of the project - backend and frontend programming.

Our programmers performed a quick analysis of requirements for the functionality and design of the web application and selected suitable technologies for its creation. Subsequently, we put together a frontend and backend team and got to work.

Due to the nature of this digital product - that is, a cloud web application that is supposed to serve as a social network, for us accessibility and ease of use were in the first place.

We made the content of the social network available to both registered and non-registered users via the start page users. Following the UX design and improving the usability of the application, in addition to the traditional registration/login via e-mail address, we also added the option to use a Facebook, Twitter or Google account for registration.

Core everything has a home page with a list of current events and places of interest based on the user's current location. In addition to the verbal summary, the results are also displayed more clearly on the map, thanks to which the visitor of the web application can quickly find his way around or plan a route.

However, the overview of current events is not limited by the current location of the device. Thanks to the search bar, all information can be displayed for any location in the world.

All embedded events or tips for interesting places can also be viewed via the category listing page.

Another challenge was the preparation of the user section and interface for inserting new posts. In the user section, everyone can edit their profile, or find all posted posts here.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team programmed a cloud web application / social network ViewLay that allows users to share or promote interesting events in their area.

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We are glad to have been able to help revive another project that has meaning and contributes to the rich cultural life of its users.

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