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Android mobile application for Labormex HR agency

Labormex is a corporate mobile application of the HR agency of the same name, which simplifies the recruitment of new employees and automates internal company processes. Job seekers sign up for the app via an interactive form and are subsequently notified of new job opportunities via push notifications.



Business area

Business, HR applications

Application and system functions

  • purple triangleinteractive form for worker registration
  • purple triangleGPS coordinate processing
  • purple trianglepush notifications with job offers
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The Labormex team approached us with a requirement to develop a mobile app for Android that automates and simplifies internal company processes towards new employees.

The main goal and use of this mobile application is to simplify the recruitment of HR agency employees and to speed up the allocation of suitable positions based on the filled form.

Technologies and services




Android mobile app development

Duration of the project

3 months


1 developer and project manager

Labormex mobile app development in 5 steps

As part of the cooperation, we created a mobile application for Android that streamlines internal company processes and facilitates communication between the HR agency and its clients.

  1. We started our cooperation with a series of consultations, during which the client specified his idea and presented us with the UX/UI design of the application.
  2. We supplemented the client's idea and the supplied design with our own findings and then discussed them with the client together with the development plan and consultation.
  3. After the administrative matters, the development of the mobile application for Android came next.
  4. Due to the nature of the application, in this case we made do with one developer who gradually added all the functionality.
  5. We tested the app among users and deployed it to the Google Play app store after a series of optimizations.
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Solution detail

The client approached us with a request to develop a relatively simple mobile application. He had a clear idea of its graphical form and functionality, and therefore we were able to start the development almost immediately.
The core of the application is an interactive form that is filled in by candidates for positions offered by the Labormex HR agency and which also serves as a means of registration in the Labormex database.
The form is then followed by push notifications, through which HR agency staff communicate with individual employees and thus serve as a basis for filling the position.
After the creation of the notification system, it was "only" necessary to connect the mobile application to the existing back-end of the company's web application so that the content of both applications was interconnected and so that the manifested changes appeared in both systems.
We then styled the front-end of the mobile application according to the UX/UI design provided by the client and subjected the finished application to a series of tests.
Once everything was optimized and properly tested, we deployed the app to the Android app store - Google Play.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team created a mobile app for Android that makes it easier for HR agency Labormex to recruit new employees and automate the sending of job offers.

Agency staff now have an efficient system that speeds up their daily routine and reduces the potential risk of errors. In addition, jobs are spread across more potential employees due to the number of smartphone and app users.
Thank you for your trust and we wish Labormex every success.
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