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Web application that streamlines the process of selling real estate and related administration

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MakléřeNechci is a web application that facilitates the preparation of documents for an advertisement for the sale of a property, provides legal advice and generates the necessary documents

Application and system features

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  • Property appraisal

  • Link to the Land Registry

  • Automatic generation of title deed

  • User section for registered users

  • Form for inserting an advertisement

  • Connection to SReality and iDnes reality

  • Generation of legal documents

  • Generation of a web page with an advertisement

  • Automated email communication

  • Responsive design

  • Landing page with project description

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The team of the startup BrokerNechci approached us with a requirement to develop a web application that will make it easier for users to sell a property through automation and connection to other systems.

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The idea of the project attracted us not only because of its complexity, but also because of its huge benefit for the user, namely the property owner who is looking for a suitable buyer. The main goal of the application is to help in creating promotional materials for the advert (video, website, etc.) and to support legislative issues.

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Technology and Services

We worked on the first release of the project for half a year, involving two full-stack developers (junior and senior), a UI/UX designer and a project manager

  • Web application development

  • Web development

  • UI/UX design

  • Marketing consultancy

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Web application and landing page development

As part of a startup collaboration, we created a web application to automate the real estate sales process and a landing page to promote the project.

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  1. 1Consultation and market research

    We went through several initial meetings where the client presented their idea. Based on this concept, we created a first version of the app architecture, which we further optimized based on market research.

  2. 2UX design proposal

  3. 3UI design proposal

  4. 4Creating a web application

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Solution Detail

The client approached us with the requirement to create a web application that will serve as a comprehensive tool for users to streamline the process of selling houses and apartments.

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The MakléřeNechci web application consists of two parts - a landing page and a user section. The landing page serves as a means of promoting the project and getting familiar with its functionality.

The user section then forms the core of the entire application. It contains a form that is used to describe the property and generate an ad. Apart from the description itself, it provides a relevant price estimate of the apartment or house, which is key to a successful sale, and provides practical tips on how to approach the formulation of the ad. Based on the entered data and data from the connected land register (CZUK), the web application will then generate the necessary legal documents, which can be exported to PDF and further used.

The application also allows you to arrange additional services, such as individual legal advice or the use of the services of a photographer or videographer. The agreed lawyers or photographers then add the agreed dates directly to the application via a simple custom-made CMS. Thanks to this, the user will find all information clearly grouped in one place.

Probably the most interesting part of this web application, however, is the automated elements. The main one is generating a website with an ad, which can be used, for example, to share on social networks. From the point of view of website owners, automated e-mail communication is also important, where the user immediately receives information and outputs from individual services and additional services of the application.

The imaginary icing on the cake is the connection to third-party systems, namely SReality and iDnes Reality. Thanks to this connection, the ad can be published directly from the MakléřeNechci application to the aforementioned real estate servers.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team designed, developed and programmed a web application that automates and streamlines the real estate sales process.

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We like to be part of projects that make sense and bring more efficient solutions to various processes. In our several years of collaboration, we have helped breathe life into a new startup project that certainly fulfills these aspects.

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