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Responsive presentation website with modern design

The Rentalio presentation website introduces its visitors to the project of the same name, which aims to mediate the rental of apartments and communication between tenant and tenant. It is a simple website whose main purpose is to motivate the reader to order the services offered.



Business area

Real Estate

Application and system functions

  • purple trianglemodern design
  • purple triangleresponsiveness
  • purple trianglecontact form
  • purple trianglepop-up window with contact form
  • purple triangleform for pricing the apartment
  • purple triangleinteractive map with the company's headquarters
  • purple trianglethree language versions
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The Rentalio team approached us with a request to design a simple presentation website that motivates potential clients to use the services offered.

An important factor was to highlight all the advantages of the project and to attract visitors with an attractive design.

Technologies and services


Keystone.js (CMS)


UI/UX design
Creation of web pages

Duration of the project

3 months


1 frontend developer, 1 backend developer, UX designer and project manager

Rentalio website creation in 9 steps

Within the framework of the cooperation, we designed and created a modern presentation website that elegantly presents the purpose of the project to visitors and motivates them to use the services offered.

  1. The first step of the cooperation was a series of consultations, during which we clarified with the client the idea of the structure and content of individual pages of the website.
  2. Following the consultation, we carried out market research and competitive solutions.
  3. We used the findings from the survey to create a wireframe and an interactive prototype of the website, which allowed the client to "click through" the pages and try out the website.
  4. After the prototype and wireframe were approved by the client, a second analysis of the interim state of the project followed, in which we searched for the most suitable technological solutions that would allow us to launch the website to users in the shortest possible time.
  5. We again consulted the outputs with the client and subsequently delivered a development plan along with a specific quotation.
  6. The UX/UI design of the website followed, which already brought a more concrete view of the final form of the website.
  7. In relation to the chosen technology and the scope of the project, we selected developers from our team to code the frontend and backend of the website.
  8. We performed a series of tests on the product we created to ensure the best possible user experience and to optimize the loading speed of the web pages.
  9. After tweaking all the details, we deployed the website to users.
During the individual steps and phases of website development, we always sent the current status to the client so that they could make comments as part of agile development.
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Solution detail

We started our cooperation on the creation of the Rentalio website with a consultation, during which we created a proposal for the structure of the website together with the client. We then researched competing tools to discover their pros and cons.
We summarized the findings from the initial meetings and market analysis into a wireframe that gave us a more concrete picture of the structure of each site. We again consulted the wireframe with the client and, once agreed, created a prototype that illustrated to the client the interconnectedness of the individual pages. Thanks to the prototype, the client and subsequently the developer knew exactly where each button referred to and could experience the intuitiveness of using the site for themselves.
Once we had a clear idea of the structure and knew the number of individual pages, it was time to choose the technology and design the UI design.
Given the scope of the project, it was clear that we had to choose a solution that would allow us to create the site as quickly and easily as possible, as the project has no specific features or functionality requirements. We therefore chose Keystone.js to quickly create a simple CMS (site administration interface), Next.js to provide the backend of the site and the React library to code the user interface.
By choosing these tools, we got a better idea of the duration and complexity of the project, which allowed us to send the client a quote and a development plan. Once these were approved, work on the graphic design of the website came next.
During the preparation of the user interface design, we focused mainly on the presentation of individual information and conversion elements. We chose a minimalistic style that explains the objectives and principles of the services offered in a concise but understandable way. We chose two conversion elements:
  • purple triangle

    Contact form (classic and pop-up), which the visitor uses to arrange a consultation.

  • purple triangle

    An apartment pricing form that serves as a means for the client (Rentalio) to collect email addresses and opens the door to the world of email marketing.

Once the proposal was approved, it was time for the actual coding. The developers gradually created the individual UI components and connected them to the backend. They then optimized the site in terms of loading speed and responsive design, so that the site could be used comfortably on devices of different diagonals.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team designed and built a responsive website that allows the client to elegantly present the services offered and facilitates communication with potential clients.

We helped him raise awareness of the project and created a sleek website that will win him new clients and allow him to expand his marketing strategy to new communication channels.
We value projects where the client puts their full trust in us and entrusts us to develop digital products from start to finish. Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you every success in your future endeavours.
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