Responsive presentation website with modern design

About the project

The Rentalio presentation website introduces the project, which aims to mediate the rental of apartments and communication between the tenant and the tenant. It is a simple website whose main task is to motivate to order the offered services.

Application and System Features

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  • modern design

  • responsiveness

  • contact form

  • pop-up window with contact form

  • apartment pricing form

  • interactive map with company headquarters

  • three language mutations

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The Rentalio team approached us with a request to create a design of a simple presentation website that motivates potential clients to use the offered services.

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An important factor was to highlight all the strengths of the project and to impress visitors with an attractive design.

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Technology and Services

The implementation of the project took 3 months. Two developers (backend, frontend), UX designer, project manager took part in it.

  • UX/UI design, Website development, Testing

  • Keystone.js, React, Next.js


Website Creation

As part of the collaboration, we designed and created a modern presentation website that elegantly presents the meaning of the project to visitors and motivates them to use the services offered.

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  1. 1Introductory Consultation

    The first step of the collaboration was a series of consultations, during which we clarified the idea with the client regarding the structure and content of the individual pages of the website.

  2. 2Market and competition research

  3. 3Prototype and wireframe preparation

  4. 4Technology Stack Selection

  5. 5Development plan and quotation

  6. 6UX/UI Design Proposal

  7. 7Assembling the development team

  8. 8Testing and Optimization

  9. 9Deploying the site to production

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Solution Detail

We started the collaboration on the creation of the Rentalio website with consultations, during which we created a draft of the website structure together with the client.

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Subsequently, we conducted a survey of competing tools and summarized their pros and cons. We summarized the findings from the initial meetings and market analysis into a wireframe, which gave us a more concrete picture of the structure of individual pages.

Wireframe is again they consulted with the client and, after agreement, created a prototype that showed the client the interconnectedness of the individual pages. Thanks to the prototype, the client and then the developer knew exactly where which button was pointing and could test the intuitiveness of using the website for themselves.

Once we they had a clear idea of the structure and we knew the number of individual pages, the next step was the choice of technologies and the UI design proposal.

Given the scale of the project, it was clear that we had to choose a solution that would allow us to create the pages as quickly and easily as possible , as the project has no specific features or functionality requirements, so we chose Keystone.js to quickly create a simple CMS (site administration interface), Next.js to provide the backend of the site, and the React library for coding user interface.

By choosing these tools, we got a better idea of the duration and complexity of the work on the project, thanks to which we were able to send the client a price quote and a development plan. After their approval, it was time to work on the graphic design of the website.

As part of the preparation of the user interface design, we focused mainly on the way of presenting individual information and conversion elements. We chose a minimalist style that briefly but understandably explains the goals and principle of the services offered. We chose two conversion elements:
  • Contact form (classic and in the form of a pop-up window), which the visitor uses to arrange a consultation.
  • Form for pricing the apartment, which serves the client (Rentalio) as a means of collecting e-mail addresses and opens the door to the world of e-mail marketing.
After the design was approved, it was time for the coding itself. The developers gradually created individual components of the user interface and connected them to the backend. Subsequently, they optimized the site in terms of web loading speed and responsive design so that the site can be used comfortably on devices of different sizes.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team designed and programmed responsive websites that present the services offered by the client and mediate communication with customers.

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We helped him to increase the awareness of the project and created an elegant website that will gain him new clients and allow him to expand his marketing strategy with new communication channels. We value projects in which the client places full trust in us and will entrust us with the preparation of digital products from start to finish. Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you much success in your future endeavours.

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