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Vue.js is a javascript framework for creating the front-end of websites and applications.

Like React or Angular, Vue.js uses a component-based model that allows you to use elements you've already created, making it easier and faster to create digital products.

In addition to application agility, other benefits of Vue.js include the ability to render server-side, which can help improve your SEO results.

Developing in Vue.js is suitable for projects that you want to deploy quickly. Hence, it is often used by startups in preparation for MVPs. In general, it is then suitable for simple applications that require a quick response to user requests, such as chat tools or interactive games. It is often found in the form of a single-page application.

Besides web application development, it also finds its use in web development, where it is used in combination with Nuxt.js and similar technologies to quickly create static web pages.

Applications that use Vue.js include Netflix, Trivago, Alibaba, Behance and GitLab.


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