A multi-platform mobile application for Android and iOS mediating a secure video call between a doctor and a patient.

About the project

The VideoDoktor application is an assistant to doctors in the field of so-called telemedicine. Doctors and other health specialists here, through video calls, provide advice and check the condition of patients who do not require a personal visit.

Application and System Features

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  • encrypted video conference

  • identity verification via SMS messages

  • system for sending invitations from doctors

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The client approached us with a request to create a mobile application for Android and iOS that will facilitate communication between the doctor and the patient.

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We like to participate in projects that use modern technology to improve and facilitate human life. The VideoDoktor mobile application is definitely one of those, as it saves the time of the doctor and the patient and makes the treatment itself more efficient.

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Technology and Services

We worked on the project for a quarter of a year and a mobile application developer and a project manager participated in it.

  • Multiplatform mobile application development

  • React Native, Jitsi

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Multiplatform application development

As part of the cooperation, we created a multi-platform mobile application VideoDoktor, which mediates encrypted telecommunications and, through it, remote contact between doctor and patient.

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  1. 1Introductory Consultation

    We went through a series of consultations with the client, during which we clarified the goals of the application and specified its form.

  2. 2Development Plan

  3. 3Development mobile app for Android and iOS

  4. 4Testing and Optimization

  5. 5Application Deployment

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Solution Detail

The very implementation of the VideoDoktor mobile application was preceded by a series of consultations that served as a means of clarifying the main goals of the application and the requirements for its creation.

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Following this, we presented the client with a proposal for the technical solution of the application, a development plan and a more accurate price calculation.

The client subsequently provided us with a proposal for the user interface of the mobile application for iOS and Android, and we were able to start work. We chose React Native as the core technology, which mediates multi-platform development of mobile applications. Thanks to this, we were able to:
  • reduce the overall cost of application development,
  • speed up the creation process.
We then gradually added all the necessary functionality. The core of the VideoDoktor application is encrypted communication via video call and the associated invitation system, which the doctor uses to send invitations to the patient.

To ensure encrypted communication, we used the Jitsi open-source solution, which we adapted to the client's requirements.By building the mobile application on an existing platform, we again accelerated the entire development process and reduced the total costs, which in the case of creating a purely custom solution, would be several times higher.

All that remained was to complete the aforementioned invitation system. Here we have chosen a method using a verification code via SMS:
  1. The patient receives an SMS invitation with a verification code.
  2. He enters the verification code into the application.
  3. The application ensures the connection between the patient and by a doctor.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team created a mobile app for Android and iOS that allowed the client to extend their business to mobile devices and increase the reach of the project.

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The client approached us at a time when he had already created a web application with the same focus. We helped him improve the availability of the offered service and expand the user base through the mobile application. Thanks to it, users could contact their doctor conveniently and easily through their mobile phone .

Thank you for your trust and we wish you much success in your future endeavours.

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