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Mobile apps that facilitate the delivery of goods to merchants

Ranam makes it easy for retailers to find new suppliers, browse catalogues and order the products on offer. The application includes a user section that facilitates the management of orders or complaints.



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Application and system functions

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The client approached us with a requirement to create a mobile application for Android and iOS to facilitate the delivery of goods to merchants.

It is an ecommerce application through which merchants browse suppliers' catalogues and order the desired goods. At the same time, they can use chat to reach out to Ranam's customer support team, manage their order or any complaint.

Technologies and services


React Native


Mobile application development

Duration of the project

3 months


developer and project manager

Android and iOS mobile app development in 7 steps

As part of the collaboration, we created a simple multi-platform mobile app for marketers.

  1. We met with the client and discussed his idea of the functionality of the application.
  2. We did a quick analysis of the UI/UX design proposal that the client submitted to us and added a few recommendations.
  3. Once the modifications were approved, we selected the appropriate technologies and sent the client a development plan.
  4. We assembled a development team and set about creating the app.
  5. We programmed the backend and frontend of the mobile application.
  6. We subjected the result to a series of tests.
  7. We handed the application over to the client for deployment to users.
The client decided to use alternative ways to distribute the mobile app, so the final step of deploying to Google Play and the App Store was dropped.
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Solution detail

The Ranam team approached us with a clear idea about the functionality and design of the app. Thus, during the initial consultation, we only analyzed the existing design and added a few recommendations that led to an improved user experience.
Building on the findings of the initial consultations, we moved on to selecting appropriate technologies. Given the relatively simple functionality and the requirement for cross-platform development of the mobile application, we chose React Native, with which we have many years of experience.
Furthermore, we have assembled a development team consisting of a project manager and a developer who will ensure the creation of the backend and frontend of the application. We then created a development schedule and sent it to the client with a more specific quote.
After approval, we could start programming. Gradually we created the key functionality of the app, which includes:
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    catalogues of the goods offered,

  • purple triangle

    registration and user section,

  • purple triangle

    order management interface,

  • purple triangle

    chat for quick contact with customer support.

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How we helped

The Rascasone team programmed a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows the client to offer their contractor brokerage services on touchscreen devices.

Ranam's clients can now enjoy the services offered through the intuitive user interface of the mobile app and conveniently manage all their orders.
In doing so, we have helped to improve the user experience associated with the purchase and increase the number of returning customers.
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