Mobile application mediating the delivery of goods to traders

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About the project

Ranam makes it easier for merchants to find new suppliers, browse catalogs and order the offered assortment. The application includes a user section that mediates administration of orders, possibly complaints.

Application and System Features

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  • product catalogs

  • order management

  • chat

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The client approached us with a request to create a mobile application for Android and iOS that will make it easier for merchants to deliver goods.

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This is an e-commerce application through which traders browse supplier catalogs and order the desired goods. At the same time, they can use the chat to contact the Ranam customer support team, manage their order or make a complaint.

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Technology and Services

The project took three months to develop. It involved a mobile application developer and a project manager.

  • Mobile Application Development

  • React Native

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Mobile Application Development

As part of the collaboration, we created a simple multi-platform mobile application for merchants.

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  1. 1Introductory Consultation

    We met with the client and discussed his idea of the functionality of the application.

  2. 2Analysis

  3. 3Development Plan

  4. 4Team Building

  5. 5Creating a mobile application

  6. 6Testing and Optimization

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Solution Detail

The Ranam team approached us with a clear idea of the functionality and design of the application. During the consultations, we analyzed the proposal and added several recommendations that led to an improvement of the user experience.

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Following the findings from the initial consultations, we moved on to the selection of suitable technologies. Due to the relatively simple functionality and the requirement for multi-platform mobile application development, we chose React Native, with which we have many years of experience.

Next, we assembled a development team consisting of a project manager and a developer, who will ensure the creation of the backend and frontend of the application. We then created a development schedule and sent it to the client with a more specific price quote.

After approval, we were able to start We gradually created the key functionality of the app, which includes:
  • catalogs of the offered goods,
  • registration and user section,
  • order management interface,
  • chat to quickly contact customer support.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team programmed an application for Android and iOS that allows the client to offer services in the field of supplier brokerage services on touch devices.

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Ranam customers can now use the services offered through the intuitive user interface of the mobile application and conveniently manage all their orders.

We have thus helped to improve the user experience associated with the purchase and increase the number of returning customers.

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