About the project

Cloud-based web application for easy organisation and management of meetings

The Pinstriped startup project is a useful tool in the team communication and project management segment. It allows users to manage meetings and related agendas, create and assign tasks and export clear deliverables.



Business Area

Communication, productivity

Application and system functions

  • purple triangleeffective meeting management
  • purple trianglepurple trianglemanaging tasks related to meetings
  • purple trianglepurple triangleworking with attachments
  • purple trianglepurple triangleexport notes to PDF
  • purple trianglepurple trianglesynchronisation with Google Calendar
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The Pinstriped team approached us with a requirement to develop a web application for managing meetings and related tasks.

The main goal of this startup project is to simplify and speed up the meeting planning process and consolidate all related tasks into one place. Our task was to create a platform that combines all the tools needed to organize and manage meetings and simplify the working life of many managers and ordinary workers.

Technologies and services


Ruby on Rails
Amazon AWS


Web application development

Duration of the project

12 months


2 frontend developers, backend developer, analyst

Pinstriped web application development in 6 steps

As part of a startup collaboration, we created a cloud-based web application to facilitate the management and organization of meetings.

  1. We analyzed the web design provided by the client and prepared a development schedule, including all important deadlines and budget.
  2. Once the schedule was approved, we assembled a front-end and back-end development team.
  3. We have started the first sprint of agile development of this web application.
  4. We provided connection to Amazon AWS and other technical requirements.
  5. In individual stages we coded the front-end and then the back-end of the application. In each round, the web application went through a series of tests and was then sent to the client for approval.
  6. After a series of optimizations and testing, we deployed the application to production, i.e. to users.
Currently, the development and maintenance of the application are suspended. Unfortunately, the client underestimated the marketing strategy and the project was terminated.
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Solution Detail

The founders of Pinstriped approached us with an offer of startup cooperation. After a few initial consultations, we received a UI/UX design proposal from the client and embarked on the analysis phase. In that phase, we created a development schedule and then sent it to the client for approval.
After the approval, we assembled a front-end and back-end development team, which in individual sprints of agile development created a nimble and intuitive web application built on React, Ruby on Rails, Draft.js and a cloud solution from Amazon (AWS).
We've connected the app to Google WorkSpace, which syncs the Pinstriped content with Google Calendar. We also created a reliable emailing system for sending notifications.
All this was completed with a sophisticated export of data to PDF, in relation to various meeting criteria and reporting needs.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team has created an elegant tool to facilitate the organization of meetings and related tasks. It helped solve various technical obstacles and designed an automated solution to many related tasks.

At Rascasone, we love working with startup projects because they typically come up with innovative ideas and try to help or make life easier for users. One such project was Pinstriped.
We are sorry that its promotion and expansion did not work out as we had hoped, but we believe that the client will not lose motivation and will later bring the project to a successful conclusion.
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