A cloud web application facilitating the organization and management of meetings

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About the project

The startup project Pinstriped is a useful helper in the segment of team communication and project management. It allows users to manage meetings and related agendas, create and assign tasks, and export clear outputs.

Application and System Features

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  • effective meeting management

  • manage tasks related to meetings

  • work with attachments

  • export notes to PDF

  • sync with Google Calendar

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The Pinstriped team approached us with a request to develop a web application for managing meetings and related tasks.

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The main goal of this startup project is to simplify and speed up the process of planning meetings and unify all related actions in one place. Our task was to create a platform that combines all the tools needed to organize and manage meetings and will simplify the working life of many managers and ordinary workers.

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Technology and Services

The development of the project took 12 months, 2 front-end developers, 1 back-end developer and 1 analyst participated in it.

  • Web Application Development

  • React, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Amazon AWS, Draft.js

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Web Application Development

As part of startup cooperation, we created a cloud web application facilitating the management and organization of meetings.

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  1. 1Project Analysis

    We analyzed the web design delivered by the client and prepared a development schedule, including all important deadlines and budget.

  2. 2Team Building

  3. 3Agile web application development

  4. 4Connecting the application to other systems

  5. 5Web Application Development

  6. 6Application Deployment

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Solution Detail

The founders of the Pinstriped project approached us with an offer of startup cooperation. After several consultations, we received a UI/UX design proposal from the client and started the analysis phase.

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In it, we created a development schedule and then sent it to the client for approval. After approval, we assembled a front-end and back-end development team, which in individual sprints of agile development created a fast and intuitive web application, built on React, Ruby on Rails, Draft.js and cloud solution from Amazon (AWS).

We connected the application to Google Workspace, thanks to which the content of the Pinstriped platform is synchronized with Google Calendar. created a reliable e-mailing system, intended for sending notifications.

We then rounded everything off with a sophisticated export of data to PDF, based on various meeting criteria and reporting needs.
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How we helped

The Rascasone team created a tool to facilitate the organization of meetings and related tasks. It helped solve various technical obstacles and proposed an automated solution.

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At Rascason, we like to collaborate on startup projects because they typically come up with innovative ideas and try to help users or make life easier. One such project was Pinstriped.

We regret that its promotion and expansion ultimately did not go as planned, but we believe that the client will not lose motivation and will later bring the project to a successful end.

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