Development of customized mobile applications

We will create a friendly mobile application for you, which will stand out from the competition with its design and advanced functions and will enable the further growth of your business.


Android and iOS Application Development

Native development is suitable for more demanding applications that require access to device sensors, work with large amounts of data or sensitive information.

The application is developed for only one operating system (Android or iOS), which it brings higher costs, but also higher stability, security, maximum performance and a great user experience.

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Android and iOS App Development

Multiplatform Application Development

Multiplatform development is a great choice when you want to create less demanding applications, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The advantage of this approach is undoubtedly the price, thanks to moderndevelopment technologies, these applications can often compete with native applications in terms of performance.

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Mobile App

Testing and Optimization

Our work does not end with the deployment of the application among users. We like to take care of our products and keep them in good condition, so you can also count on us for maintenance, optimization and further product development. We are also happy to undertake products that do not come from our workshop and we will help you modernize them.

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Testing and Administration

How we proceed

Used Technologies


React Native

A framework for developing mobile applications. Allows you to create native mobile applications for Android and iOS.



A platform for developing agile, modern web applications as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS.



A framework from Google that allows you to develop web apps and mobile apps for Android and iOS.



A language designed to build iOS apps. It facilitates the development of swift native apps for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad).


What devices will the app work on?


Apps for iOS and iPadOS are compatible with iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. Android apps with phones and tablets from Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands that use this OS. Functionality with specific models is determined by OS version and hardware requirements For example, the app can only work with phones and tablets with more than 2 GB of RAM and Android 8.0 Oreo or later.

Do you develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android operating systems?


We develop native apps for iOS/iPadOS (iPhone/iPad), Android devices as well as cross-platform apps that can run on both operating systems without paying for the creation of two separate solutions.

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?


The duration of mobile application development depends on the requirements for functions or appearance. The same also applies to the price, which we can estimate more accurately only after the prototype is made. For more information, do not hesitate to use our free consultation, where we will discuss your idea together.

Is it worth developing your own mobile application today?


Yes, it pays off. A mobile application tailored to the requirements of a company or project will offer optimization for various devices and maximum use of phone or tablet hardware. Compared to other solutions, it can respond more quickly to the demands of end customers or employees and enable them to work without a connection to the internet.

What does 'custom mobile app development' mean?


The development of a customized mobile application is synonymous with maximum care and adaptation of the form of the app to your requirements. That is why we thoroughly analyze your intention or idea and choose the most suitable technologies and approach to development - agile or rigorous methods.


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