WEB 3.0

Blockchain projects and dApps development

Enter a new digital era with us - the world of blockchain and Web 3.0. We are engaged in the creation of smart contracts and NFTs, the development of dApps and related consulting activities.

smart contracts

Creation and audit of smart contracts

We will create and implement reliable smart contracts (smart contracts) into your blockchain project, which will ensure the smooth flow of all transactions. We also provide audits and testing of already created contracts.

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Creation and audit of smart contracts
web3 and blockchain applications

Creating dApps and NFTs

We provide comprehensive services in the field of creation of decentralized applications (dApps) from design, through programming to implementation. We will also help you with the preparation and deployment of NFT.

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Building dApps and NFTs
audit and optimization

Consultation of blockchain projects

Do you want to enter the world of blockchain and the web3, but don't know where to start? Write to us. We will advise you on what to focus on, discuss your current concept or assess the current status of the project.

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Consulting blockchain projects

Used Technologies


Ruby on Rails

A backend framework for developing fast, scalable and user-friendly web applications.



Frontend library for creating dynamic and interactive user interface of web applications.



A front-end framework emphasizing easy integration into existing projects.


React Native

A framework for developing mobile applications. Allows you to create native mobile applications for Android and iOS.


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