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Custom HRMS with Visa Processing

Introduction to custom HRMS with visa processing 

Hiring new people is not easy in any company.

Hiring new people from abroad could be a nightmare.

To fulfill all the legal mandatories, data requirements and documents is a demanding job and that is why companies, especially now in the times of the outstanding market situation require more people than the internal market is able to provide.

At the same time, international workers are keen to move to different states.

This is were the need for customized HRMS (Human Resources Management System) web solution and the online system is.

HRMS software helps companies, workers and people to find and apply for work in the different states.

Challenge: development of the custom web solution

The whole process of hiring new people is based on a series of administrative tasks which include handling of many documents of a legal order, getting applicants through meetings, undergo visa processes and job allocations.

The process of doing so took more time and allowed unintended mistakes of the employees of the company.

It also prolonged the whole process that could be simplified by the proper system.

We have faced the task to develop and introduce a modern system that enables company employees to “do it all” at a few clicks.

The system should be smart and user-friendly and should enable the employees to get rid of the old way of work, for example handling spreadsheets in excel, emails, phone calls and paper documents in a separate way.

The outcome would be the database that connects possible workers with embassies and with agencies and on the top of that also an Android mobile app that enables to track the process of this inquiry (push notification and GPS functionality).

Security and privacy

Security of the data is a must as the system handles the personal data.

The process would be safe and transparent at the same time.

The company used to process the tasks by “old way”: spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, paperwork. All separately. Many documents were shared via Google drive.

The process of web application development

In May 2018 we have started the new project with the aim to provide such a system.

With such an extent of the tasks, almost the whole team of Rascasone was included.

We also used several technologies to create the structure of the application.

The web-driven back-office application would enable select English or Spanish on login while internally authenticating user.

We decided to create that on Ruby on Rails website with Vue.js advanced functionality.

“This was also the hardest part of the project”, concludes our full-stack web developer Pavel.

 The central object of the user interface is “Contract” since most of the workflow revolves around it.

Additionally, there will be an online form for workers to submit information through.

A new worker would fill in all fields including uploading scanned files such as passport and other highly sensitive documents.

This demands security measures to prevent SQL injection.

We secure that by using SSL technology.

When the “new contract” comes from an agency, company staff need to have the option to upload a CSV/XLS dialogues and insert new workers into the contract or simply modify the contract.

Most often that consists of adding new possible workers, conforming or removing them from contracts.

To do this, staff will want to expand and see the list of possible workers along with personal details.

Once a contract is fully confirmed, it can be sent to the consulate and the day of the appointment will be set.

On the day of the appointment, the staff follows the attendance of the workers and mark the present workers in the system.

Then the workers need to go through the cycle between the company and consulate twice - for fingerprints and consulate interview.

After that, the worker receives the status of the inquiry.

All the process is marked within the system by the company staff.

As the last stage, if the worker is approved of entering the state, the company worker sets in the departure and arrival date of the worker.

The worker than crosses the border.

Benefits of the HRMS web and mobile app

  1. We created the web application that allows employees of the company to go along with every worker through all hiring process by the more effective and safer way.
  2. Data are clearer, more safe and exportable.
  3. Also, the mobile application enables to keep on track for the workers.
  4. The online system that helps all sides to keep track of the progress of the approving process.
  5. Security of the data and track of any movements within the system.
  6. Allows modify the system easily and develop it for the future.

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