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We create responsive websites. We deliver full service from entry analysis to final testing, web deployment and live maintenance of the website.

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Our projects


Rascasone team is preparing a new project from the car washing segment. 

State: In progress

Project size: M

Country: Czech republic

Technology: Javascript, Ruby on Rails


Storacity is connecting landlords and tenants to enable an easy storage renting.
Rascasone team helped Storacity to launch the web project.

State: In progress

Project size: L

Country: South Africa

Technology: Javascript, Nginx, Google Maps, Ruby on Rails


An HR web system with Android mobile application for Labormex.

Labormex manages a wide range of visa support services and logistics in Mexico

State: In progress

Project size: XXL

Country: USA

Technology: Heroku, Android, Redis, Digital Ocean, Java, Pusher Beams, Vue.js, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails


Rascasone has participated in development of the Pinstriped web application´s back-end and front-end. Pinstriped increases meetings efficiency and productivity, enables to lead and cover the meeting from planning to the output processing and distribution of documents.

State: In progress

Project size: XL

Country: Denmark

Technology: Stripe, Mailchimp, Ruby on Rails, React.js


For an American project Esticom we developed an advanced online platform offering electrical constructors a convenient interface to design their projects. Specifically, we delivered a front-end interface and UX design.

State: Finished in 2018

Project size: XL

Country: USA

Technology: Javascript, React.js


We continue to develop and administer the original web application Business Booster by Expandia s.r.o. The application serves as CRM, offers useful marketing tools, and it is designated for real estate agents and traders.

State: In progress

Project size: XXL

Country: Czech republic

Technology: Javascript, Nginx, SparkPost, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, React.js

We are web developers, targeting interesting projects.

Two of us began the adventure, now we are a team of ten and we continue to grow. We specialize in web and mobile application development, using new technologies to ensure the best possible software solution for our clients.

Vit Ulicny

Founder, visionary

Apart from a master´s degree from CTU in Prague, Vit has gained extensive expertise abroad, in Canada and Austria. He has a great passion for innovation, and when he is not writing code, he is snowboarding in the mountains.

Marek Ulicny

Founder, striver

With 15+ years of programming history, Marek capitalizes on his experience with software development and product management. He likes to conquer technologies and mountains, and when he is not writing code, he spends his time growing chilli peppers.

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