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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions From Rascasone

In Rascasone we like to simplify our work to be more efficient. Browser extensions are a great tool to help us achieve this goal. We have decided to share a list of our favorite ones with you. Enjoy the beauty of extensions!

1. RescueTime

Have you been working all day long but you don’t see any results? Try RescueTime. This extension tracks how you spend your time in a browser. You might be thinking why you should let some application control how many minutes per day you are writing emails or scrolling through Facebook because you only check these websites a few times a day. The truth is that you might be spending way more time than you have imagined. This tool categorizes activities on a scale from Very Productive to Very Distracting and helps you work more efficiently and procrastinate less.



2. Toggl Button

“Oops! I forgot to start tracking my work and I don’t know how much time I spent on programming the new website.” Don’t worry! We have also been through this but luckily there is an easy fix solution. You can install a Toggl Button extension into your browser and it puts a timer into any web tool (such as Trello, Todoist, Jira, Bitbucket, Evernote, Google Drive and tens of others) you use. You simply click on the button and it will create a new task in Toggl. Once you finish, stop the task and repeat throughout the day. Time tracking has never been easier!



3. OneTab

Do you know that moment when you are so interested in reading about some topic that you eventually happen to have fifteen or even more tabs open at the same time? And then you feel so overwhelmed that you either close all of them at once or you waste your time by closing each one of them. Luckily there is an extension called OneTab which pulls all the tabs into a well-arranged list in one tab. The advantage is that the tabs are not open and it saves up to 95% of memory. It is also possible to create a group for a specific set of tabs and send a link to your colleagues or friends.

4. Save to Pocket

What do you do when you are browsing and you come across an interesting article but you don’t have time to read it at that moment? We save it to Pocket. It is a great tool which allows you to focus on your work while keeping all the cool stuff that you want to read later. The link to an article is then automatically synchronized to your phone or computer and you can view it even without an internet connection. We usually read articles while commuting or in the evening or we toss some of the articles because they are not so interesting anymore and we save time.

5. Grammarly

Do you want to write mistake-free texts but you are not a native speaker? Try using Grammarly which checks all articles, emails, messages and posts for you and fixes grammatical errors. The great thing about this app is that it explains you English grammar pretty well. You will receive personalized insights and performance statistics which encourage you to write better. As they say A Heming-way to go.



6. Lastpass


There are so many websites and applications where you need to create an account which means a new user name and a unique password every time. Let’s be honest. Passwords are rarely unique even though they definitely should be and we all know it. But how to remember them all? Check out Lastpass, an extension which remembers all your passwords while you only need to remember one.

7. Streak CRM for Gmail

We were quite tired of switching between a Customer Relationship Management tool and inbox all the time. That is why we started using the Streak CRM. It allows you to manage contacts in your inbox, customize the CRM system as per your needs and share contacts with your team. It is also works well with other Google Apps and it can be connected to external tools through Zapier. Most importantly it saves you time.


Streak CRM for Gmail

8. Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on

If you care about your privacy and do not want websites to track you, download a Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on tool. It disables websites to collect any data about you which would then be used by Google Analytics. Just take care that updates of the browser or your operating system do not affect the functionality of the extension.

9. Google Tag Assistant

If you want to check that your Google tags (such as Google Analytics, Adwords Conversion Tracking, Google Tag Manager etc.) have been correctly installed on your page, try using the Google Tag Assistant. It troubleshoots installation of analytical, tracking and conversion scripts which can be pretty useful.


Google Tag Assistant

10. Awesome Screenshot

Sometimes taking screenshots can be tricky. You want to capture the whole screen but it only captures the top part of the page. How annoying, right? Awesome Screenshot is a helpful tool for capturing all or part of any web page. Once the screenshot has been taken, it opens in a new tab and you can edit the image by writing comments or drawing lines. It also allows you to record screen as video and comment it. Sharing is easily done with one-click upload.

Do you also have any favorite Chrome extensions that we did not mention? We are curious to know what makes your life easier. Feel free to share them with us.


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