Recap of 2018 in Rascasone

Vít Uličný

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Here is a little wrap up of Rascasone's 2018 year. Altogether we worked on 23 software or startup projects.

18 commercial ones for clients, 5 internal projects focusing on tools or internal ideas for new products.


Projects created in Rascasone in 2018


Technologies used in Rascasone for our projects

In 2018 Rascasone team mostly used Javascript, React and Ruby on Rails to build new websites and web projects.

48% of all our projects were written in Javascript, React and Node.js. These were mostly React frontend web applications or Node.js full-stack websites.

React became very popular and useful so we are happy to help clients make their products faster and more user-friendly. 

47% of all our projects were written in Ruby on Rails. These were mostly full stack website projects or backend APIs. We like Ruby on Rails a lot so there is no reason not to use it.



Technologies used in Rascasone in 2018


Sectors of projects in Rascasone in 2018

Most of our projects, 19% from all of them to be precise, came from fin-tech and cryptocurrencies sectors. They covered products dealing with bitcoins, trading, financial products, insurance, and financial reporting.

The second biggest group represents projects from the area of sharing economy and marketplaces.

Other sectors included e-commerce, human resources, real estates, hospitality tech, construction tech, security and surveillance, and marketing.


Sectors of projects in Rascasone in 2018


Time tracked in Toggl

We use Toggl to track all our work. This is how the tracked time looked like during the year.


Toggl tracked hours in Rascasone in 2018


Next time it would be nice to know how much code we have produced. Unfortunately, we do not have yet these statistics. It would be also interesting to see how many bugs we had :)

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