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Our Story from 1.0. to 2.0.

It is hard to be a new kid on the block, right? Luckily we aren’t. We have been hanging around IT for the past 15 years. And we are still passionately in love with it. We have our dreams and aspirations where we want to go but let’s start from the beginning.


Vit & Marek


Our Story 1.0

It all started when Vít and Marek were born in the beautiful land called Czech Republic … but let’s save you some time and move forward, shall we. The two brothers were amazed by the world of technology from the very first day they saw a computer and that is why they decided to study IT. After getting a degree and working as software developers-specialists-architects-ninjas they came to a conclusion that it was about time to establish a company of their own.

To plant the seeds in their own garden if you wish. And so they decided to save the world by creating the best websites and web/mobile applications. But it did not end there. Besides software development, they also became close friends with design (UI & UX), project management and marketing (both online and content). And that is when it became 2.0.


(Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash)


Our Story 2.0

More people jumped on the geek train with a direction Rascasone (or was it Carcassone?) and that is when they became we. We love to be on Rails! Curious to know who is in the first department? Everyone because we are all equal but let’s go from … using the corp speak … the top management. You can see Vít, a tech team lead, a project manager and a Ruby on Rails developer with 9 years of experience in web server development and project management. Sitting next to him is Marek, a development environmentalist, a speaker of Javascript and a full-stack developer with focus on frontend with 11 years of experience in programming and project management.

Someone is waving hand at you. Who is that? Jan, a Ruby on Rails backend developer with a teenager experience of 14 years in development of winform and web applications in Ruby on Rails, .NET — C#, APSX and awesome server configuration skills. Someone has a laptop on the fourth seat. It must be Dominik’s. He is a front-end developer working day and night on Rich Web Applications and Single Page Applications written in advanced javascript frameworks. Martin helps us with iOS mobile applications or with Xamarin, which is great for crossplatform mobile applications. Lada is our Android mobile applications guru.


(Photo by on Unsplash)


Does it sound like poetry to you? Good to hear that but we are not done yet. The train has just stopped in Ukraine to get two passengers on. Pavel, a developer with strong knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Javascript and React.js and Roman, an experienced front-end developer focused on pixel perfect HTML, CSS and Javascript coding. Swoosh. Next station: India. Pinak, a senior backend Ruby on Rails developer and Dev Ops engineer is hopping on.

Time to get down. We also work together with Lea and Kristýna, two designers and UI & UX professionals closely followed Zuzka (digital marketing expert) and Veronika (typing this text … do they call it copywriting?). Oh, sorry, we should not forget our interns - Jakub, Adam and Matouš. Crowded, isn’t it?

Your Story

The whole crew just got down. 16 laptops, 8 languages, 5 real languages and decades of work experience accumulated. Ready for a new engagement. Ready to fall head over heels with another project. Today in the Czech Republic, tomorrow in the US but always ready to assist you and save the world. Too much bla bla and not enough evidence? Just have a look yourself.

We are behind this: Esticom (frontend written in React.js), AVTS (highly confidential … uhu … used in the US to monitor damages after tornados, a complex app built in Ruby on Rails and Ember.js), Business Booster CRM (CRM app for the Czech market built in Ruby on Rails, Mikenopa (an internal tool to manage wifi networks in Marriott and Hilton hotels versed in React.js.) and Pinstriped (a meeting app where we bought equity).

You see? We love to put in the hours and we are not afraid of drudge. IT & co. is an art for us. Let’s do some Mona Lisa together.


(Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash)



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