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PWA (Progressive Web Applications)

A PWA (Progressive Web App) is a modern form of web app that has similar functionality to a native mobile app.

It therefore stands at the intersection of web and mobile platforms, which gives it the advantages of both counterparts, such as multi-platform, access to device hardware and functionality without an internet connection.

Some of the biggest advantages of PWAs include responsive design and functionality on most devices with a web browser, page loading speed and overall app snappiness, push-notification, or traceability in search results. In addition, being a multi-platform solution saves the cost of developing two separate apps - mobile and web.

Progressive web apps are most commonly used to create digital products for e-shops and other e-commerce platforms, travel guides, online magazines or social networks. In practice, you may encounter PWAs when using Tinder, Uber, Pinterest or playing the game 2048.


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