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React Native

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Meta (formerly Facebook) that facilitates the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS.

It allows you to develop an app for several operating systems simultaneously (i.e. multi-platform development), which saves developers' time and the cost of creating the app itself. However, this is not the only reason why React Native has long been one of the most popular mobile app development technologies on the market.

Mobile apps created with React Native are written in JavaScript, which is then translated into native code. As a result, the app fits the user interface of the operating system by design and can access the device hardware at the same time. The performance of the application, as well as the user experience, can thus compete with native mobile applications - i.e. applications that are developed for each operating system separately.

Developing in React Native then brings another undeniable advantage for programmers, namely that they don't have to learn another programming language - they can use the JavaScript knowledge they probably already have from web development or web application development. Hence, it is typically not a problem to find a developer who can take over the project in case of difficulties.

Despite the fact that apps developed in React Native are close to native Android and iOS mobile apps, its use is not suitable for all use cases. It is most often used to create apps focused on content (e.g. educational platforms, news, social networks, e-commerce apps) or simple functionality (e.g. weather forecasting, note-taking, booking systems, ticketing systems).

Applications that you may encounter with this framework (and multi-platform development in general) are graphically intensive games, applications with specific functionality and functionality focused on the use of device hardware (e.g. camera, GPS), but it always depends on the nature of the specific project.

In practice, you may encounter React Native when using Facebook, Messenger, Microsoft Office, Shopify, Discord or ordering food via Bolt.


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