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React is an open-source javascript library for creating user interfaces (UI) for websites and applications. It was introduced by Meta following the rapid growth in users and popularity of the social network Facebook.

Development in React is built on components that are the building blocks of the entire site. The reusable components are then assembled into the final form of the user interface. This approach shortens the development time and allows for a faster time to market for a website or application.

One of the main advantages of React is the so-called virtual DOM, which improves application performance and page loading speed. This is because it allows to update only the part of the page that has undergone the change and respond faster to user requests.

It is the sustainability of sites and applications created in React, as well as the user-friendly experience, that have made this library one of the most popular front-end development technologies among programmers and digital product owners.

Optimized to work with rapidly changing data, React is well suited for developing single-page applications and interactive applications in general. So it's an obvious choice if you want to build a social network, an e-commerce app, a content site, a ticketing system, or a communication platform.

In practice, you may encounter it when using Facebook, Instagram or AirBnb, reading The New York Times, entering tasks into Trello or communicating via Discord.


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