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Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds that together create a fictional universe. Each user has a created avatar through which he lives his virtual life.
Just like in real life, you can attend concerts or exhibitions, watch films with friends or hold business meetings through the metaverse. In short, you can think of the metaverse as a 3D internet that connects the digital and real worlds in a much more powerful way.

This vision of the future is built on already established technologies, namely virtual/augmented reality and blockchain. VR glasses are the ticket to the metaverse. When you put them on, you become part of an open virtual world where you can, for example, go shopping or to the cinema with friends.

The idea of the metaverse was born at the time of the global coronavirus pandemic, which strongly highlighted the need for further development of virtual communication. This should not only facilitate virtual communication, but also facilitate remote collaboration and make socialisation more accessible.

Metaverse is a direct response to this need. Although no platform has yet been introduced that fully fulfils the ideas of the metaverse, there are already many games that come close to this idea. Similarly, the introduction of Apple Vision signals that the future of technology is closely related to virtual and augmented reality.


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